My mom bought  me my first acoustic guitar as the age of 14.   I started out on hers, but was way too aggressive and ended up beating it up in such a way that it was unplayable.   She took mercy upon me and took me to the Grafton guitar shop.  I ended up with an Ibanez acoustic, and shortly after that a black Hondo electric.   I started vocalizing at the town Christmas program at the ripe age of six.  Traumatizing, but I had to start somewhere!

My favorite student experiences are when they see me outside the studio and we start talking about guitar and singing!  Right in the middle of a busy restaurant, or in the coffee line at Starbucks.  I love it!

I’ve lived in Grand Forks, ND off and on for 30 years now, and I’m happily married with four children and a cat named Kiwi.  I enjoy writing lyrics and song, and to share as much time as I can with my wife and kids.