Ms Courtney

Ms Courtney comes from Ulen, MN, and is currently a Senior Music Education major at the University of North Dakota.   She  is also a Resident Assistant at UND.

During Ms Courtney’s 9th grade year of high school, the Dallas Brass came to her school to hold a workshop, and to perform with the band.   It was such a great experience to meet talented and passionate musicians.   She may have fangirled when they signed her poster.  🙂

Ms Courtney loves her nap time – but when she’s not napping, she is hanging out with friends or enjoying the lake during her free time.   She has two beta fish, Neptune and Waffles.   She is also extremely proud of her two younger siblings – a brother who is starting college at U of M Twin Cities, and a sister who is finishing basic training for the Minnesota National Guard.

Favorite Quote:  A loving heart is the truest wisdom.  -Charles Dickens