Child & Guardian Classes

Lifesong Family Music is delighted to offer classes designed for children of all ages, with a guardian there to assist and participate.


Babies Make Music is for babies ages 6 months to 15 months – non walking – with a guardian.  Together, we will explore singing, movement, feeling the beat, introduction to instruments, rhymes, tickle games, and of course, bonding time!  An early exposure to music has a dramatic impact on language and vocabulary development, and group dances and musical games builds social skills and enhances self esteem.


Toddlers Make Music is specifically designed for children ages 15-36 months (independently walking) and a caregiver. During the 30 minute time period, you and your child will experience music and rhythm through the use of singing, percussive instruments, puppets, scarves, and creative movement. We begin the process of discriminating – high or low, fast or slow, do you hear the drums?


Kids Make Music moves on for ages 3 and 4 years with a caregiver.   By this time, we’ve started to spend more time on one song or activity in each lesson, and explore many options within one song – singing, movement, instrument playing.  We encourage exploration and creativity within the musical activities.


Big Kids Make Music continues the musical journey for ages 4-5 with a caregiver.  We add new instruments such as glockenspiels that require additional responsibilities and listening skills.  Children are also building on musicality by learning to play specific parts only at their instructed time.


Family Class If you have multiple children, or if you can’t fit into the schedule of the age-based classes, the Family Class is for you! Our Family Class is open to ages 1-5 yrs and uses similar music and activities as other classes. You can expect to experience class activities in a similar way, with modifications indicated by your instructor as needed for your child.


Pop in Music Class For anyone that has a very hectic schedule, we offer a “Pop in Music Class” as often as we can.  Check the calendar for upcoming dates.  The cost for a Pop In Class is $10/class/child.


For all classes, any children under the age of 12 months attends free with a paying sibling.  Please let your instructor know if you’ll be bringing a younger sibling along!


We are proud to use “Simply Music Rhapsody” as our early childhood music curriculum.


Lifesong Class Schedule:

Please see the “Registration” Tab for a updated list of current and upcoming classes.